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The Ateljee Bar's Rooftop Terrace, 14th floor, Sokos Hotel Tourni, 26 Yrjönkatu, 00100 Helsinki. +358 20 123 4604. Offers unbeatable views over central Helsinki. Mon to Thurs 2pm—1am. Fri 2pm-2am. Sat 12 noon—2am. Sun 2pm—12 midnight. Rooftop cocktails. The Ateliers great selling point is that you can sip a cocktail and look over Helsinki and watch the sun going down. If it is a bit chilly, the bar supplies cosy direct electric heating. Triple glazing has been added to its long side windows. Some stairs involved. email

Loiste Best New Bar View

Loiste Restaurant

Loiste Restaurant and Roof Terrace, 10th floor, Sokos Vaakuna Hotel, 2 Asema Aukio, Helsinki 00100. +358 20 123 4610. Gourmet dining at Loiste so more than a breathtaking view of Helsinki.

Restaurant Palace

Restaurant Palace

Restaurant Palace, 10th Floor, 10 Eteläranta, Helsinki, Finland 00130. +358 9 1345 6715. A first class gourmet restaurant in Helsinki where you can get a taste of the 50's feel and enjoy the breathtaking view of South Harbor and Helsinki City Centre. A most beautiful sea view of Helsinki. Mon to Fri 11.30am–2pm. 6pm-11pm. Saturdays and Sundays closed. email

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Palace Roof Bar, 11th floor, Palace, 10 Etelaranta, Helsinki 00130. +358 9 1345 6715. A cosy bar which is open throughout the year and during the summer you can enjoy a lunch or a drink on the outdoor terrace while admiring the stunning seascape high over the rooftops.

Ravintola Boathouse, Helsingfors Segelsällskaps Yacht Club Restaurant, Liuskasaari, Helsinki. +358 9 1345 6766 Mon to Sat 5pm-12 midnight. Kitchen open until 10 PM. Saturdays might be reserved for private events.A connection ferry to Liuskasaari Island leaves from Merisatama. The dock is located between restaurant Carusel and Kompassi piers. There is a connecting bridge between Liuskasaari and Uunisaari so it is also possible to walk from there. email


Näsinneula Revolving Restaurant, Näsinneula Tower, Särkänniemi Adventure Park, Särkänniemi, Tampere 33230. +358 3 284 8234. On the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, some 170 km north of Helsinki. Mon to Sun 11am—11.30pm.


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Puijo Revolving Tower Restaurant

Puijo Revolving Tower Restaurant, Puijo Hill Observation Tower, Puijon Torniravintola, Puijontie, Kuopio 70300, Finland. Mon to Thurs 11am-7pm. Fri to Sat 11am-9pm. Sun 11am-4pm. +358 44 552 4882 Excellent food. Marvellous sunset views. 3 kms northwest of Kuopio. email

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